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A story about Crystal Maiden

A story about Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden aka Rylai were born in England. Her mum and dad were both muggles, and they didnt know anything about the great powers that Rylai had in her blood. She had a very tough childhood and almost everyone bullied her. That also had an effect on her studying and her parents were called several times to school to talk about Rylai being not concentrated in class. The summer she just turned eleven, she got a letter. It said that she had been accepted to Dogwarts School of Frost Wizards. Her parents were frightened about the letter and decided to burn the letter and take Rylai too a safe place. They accidently walked into a clauset and instantly got teleported to the world of DotA. Her parents left Rylai at the Sentinel fountain and decided to go scout, they ended up in a huge teamfight. Rylais father stepped on a landmine and her mother got chased by a big nasty, slowing, lifesucking ghoul. When the sentinel heroes got rescurrected(They all got pwned by void with 5 divines.) they told her about sentinel and scourge, the DotA world and everything else that she needed to know. The only problem was that Rylai didnt have any powers like the other ones. They discussed the subject and decided that Rylai should go and train on Dogwarts and then come back when she was fully learned. She got escorted back to the normal world by a dwarf, Kardel Sharpeye. He asked Rylai many personal questions like what her Parents were like and if she was afraid. Kardel also asked Rylai about her surname. Rylai told him that she didnt know what her surname was. She had got a loss of memory. Kardel told Rylai to follow him and they both went to a Internet Café to search for Rylais surname. Kardel entered the site and finally found the name Crestfall. Then they both went to Dogwarts and Rylai stayed there for 2 years. Kardel worked as a keykeeper and spent most of his time chasing young girls. Rylai learned how to use frost spells to her favour. Kardel also told her that this was the place the Scourge hero Lich trained his spells. She learned how to use the so called spell "Frost Nova". Rylai were after all a frost mage and liked the word Frost in everyone of her spells. She used the nova to do some area of effect damage, she could kill 10 rats at one time! She also learned how to Frost Bite people, she mainly used that on Kardel when he was talking to much or if he tried to have sex with her. Rylai loved learning new spells and every new spell were like a treasure for her. She only had one spell she didnt like and she called it Brilliance Aura. She barely ever used it because it sucked, everyone bought clarity potions in the local shop instead. The last spell Rylai learned were Freezing Field. She took the basics from a Frost Nova and after many many tries she finally managed to cast 20 Frost Novas at one time. When Kardel saw that he knew that Rylai was ready to go back to the dota world. Rylai came back to the DotA world with newly found confidence, she then took a beer at the Morning Tavern and there she stayed swearing that one day, she would take revenge on her parents.

Goblin's Plan ^^

The Story about MINE's :)


Lion - Demon Witch

Lion, The Demon Witch ^^

Well, since its a funny/crazy contest, i will try to make it as funny/crazy as possible for me ;)

Lion was born near Mountain hyal, 50 years after Archimonde was defeated there.
As an direct descendat of Archimonde, he was able to control a few of his terrible
powers. Of course Lions spells couldnt be on the same level as archimondes.So he
tried to get stronger by himself. His first big problem was his lack of mana.He wasnt
able to collect enough mana for powerfull spells. He traveled through Kalimdor and
searched in Ashenvale for an Old NightelfDruid, who could teach him how to get more
mana. As he finally found him the Elf told him that Lion has to go through a test to see
if hes capable of this powerfull spell. The clue was, that Lion should be able to see
through his opponents mind, to find his mana source and transfer it to himself. In order
to get this ability, Lion had to beat the Druid in Rock, Paper secciors 50times in a row!
After days of Training he was finally manage to beat the Nightelf and after another
few days he was able to steal mana now from his enemies. So he called this "Mana Drain".
He directly then tried out his new spell at the Druid himself, and since he was so surprised,
he couldnt stand a chance. This gave Lion so much Mana power, that he was able to perform
his own skill, his own special offense ability which he has since he was born: the "Impale".
After that, Lions evil plan was clear: He wants to become the most Powerfull ever. So he traveled
again around azeroth to improve himself.

2months later

The Sentinel knows about Lion, after he killed the Old nightelfdruid. So they began try to stop him...
Lion(who was near tirisfall now) made a new friend : The human Hunter Jason fletcher.
Nobody knows hot these to could become friends, maybe we dont want to know xD
Both of them searched for a certain person, who might could teach Lion another Spell.
He was a shadow shaman. When they finally reached him, Flechter wants to force the
technique out of the troll shaman, but the shaman gave him one advice:
"The Sentinel already search for you, so you would do better not to kill me. Also, we can solve this
Lion had to smoke a giant joint to get crazy enough to learn the voodo magic. After he did that
the Troll teaches him the spell, because he wouldnt stand a chance agains these two. Lion was
finally able to perform the spell and he was going to leave, when he thinks about the time he learned
the "mana drain" from the druid. He looked in Fletchers eyes and, without a word, they turned around
and after lion used "Vodoo" on the shaman it was easy to kill him for fletcher. They also found
a little backpack there with an mighty weapon in it. It was named Dagon.
As they walked away, a little creature began to cry for his father. They didnt know, but
one day another Shadow Shaman would seek for revenge.
So Lion studied about the powerfull Dagon and used it to kill many enemies. When he
noticed, that he hasnt much Dagons left, he started to evolve his own special imba ability
and before the last Dagon was used up he was able to call it his own : "Finger of Death".
With this ability, he was ready to fight against the sentinel. Fletcher also did, since he wasnt
able to go back, beacause Lion wasn carefully enough in using Dagon, cuz there was a little notice:

Well since then, the once human being called himself just bone Flechter, lucky for Lion that he was powerfull
enough to stand against the effects of the item. The fight Dota!

(im u realized the story isnt so funny and it isnt very detailed, too.I just thought it would get to long, and since its for easy reading i hope that is enough. Good Luck to all other writers as well.)
Sorry for the bad english, but i hope it amused u a bit as well ;)


Pudge the fat one

1 Day pudge was spy on lina 'that is a FIIIIIIINE pixelated ass' he said. Lina is a feminist as we all know and so she turna round and laguna but "OMG u are magic resistant" "you can laguna me anyday" so lina was outraged and got all other feminists. Cristal maidon tracsex were eating tangos cos of diet when lina run round corner. "Pudge is fat bitch, let make him ff we must all shoot him at same time bahahah" traxes says "omg i like puj he kinda cool" "he has big hook if you know whta i saying" so cm and lina kill traxex. Pudge was cleaning his hook near fontain when venomancer come round corner "yo fat man whatchu doin thar" "erm nothng pudge put his 'hook' in his stomach hole" "thats frickin sick dawg" so puj rot on venomancer and venomancer explode. tinker fire rocket on floorand explode himself. puj team kill self so he has privacy to masterbate. Now all know feminist dont like masterbater omg! traxex find pudge by using lothars on a chikcen (very imba clever strat btw) but puj by gem cos he dont like them have wards on him cos he fat ugly, omg i kill chicken. he take lothar and is very imba so i can run up to and rot, and also hook ez. "omg traxex you are retard noob all knows puj has gem" said lina cm finally opened mouth "im so cold ffs" lina set on fire but accidently kill. So lets look situation puj by self vs traxex retard with no lothar and lina. puj hook lina and kill both gg lol.

Luna Moonfang

Luna Moonfang, the Moon Rider

It was a dark and mysterious night.. (Yea right, i'll cut the crap right off.) Anyways, it was a bright, shining full moon that night. A group of traveling warriors had built a camp nearby at a riverbank. The camp leaders, Bradwarden, The Centaur Warchief and Rigwarl, the Bristleback were walking in the nearby forest one evening. They were discussing what they should hunt for dinner tonight. When all of a sudden, Bradwarden sees a glimpse of light east of their position, as if something was falling from the sky. "D'ya see tha Riggy?" "Oink, OinkiOink?" [From now on translated to English -->] "See what my dear friend Bradwarden?" "Thea wa' laig sumdin droppin' fron di skies, meeby id wa' sum'in we be eatin' ?" (Should this be translated too?) "If I may express my opinion, I sincerely doubt that my friend. Maybe it was a rock, or maybe you just actually saw nothing but mud in your always-dirty eyes." "Yee bu I'm zure I' wa' sumtin, meh gu loogin' for id' !" After a while, Bradwarden comes back with a little Night elf baby on his hands. (Wait a sec.. Hands or Hoofs?) "Yu see, see, Id' Wa' sumtin! We gan be eatin' id righ' ? "No, wait my dear friend. If she actually is from the sky, maybe she has some special powers that we can use in our righteous fights during our travels!" "Nauh me be hungry! I dink wi shuld jusd eat'im." "Give the baby to me you hideous barbarian. Let us take it back to the camp." As the baby grew older, her stepfather, Rigwarl, taught her all the basics of combat. For some reason, Luna, Named by Rigwarl after thinking where she might be from, (Centaur's suggestion was Emergenzyfoodie.) was able to throw her throwing star so that it would bounce to nearby targets as well, as if a slight beam was carrying it where the thrower wanted it to go. Also, when the rangers from the camp were training, it seemed like the arrow sunk deeper, doing more damage, when Luna was around. This was when Rigwarl noticed that this girl was something different. Time passed by and Luna grew older and stronger by the age. One night the camp was ambushed by a group of bandits. After a long, tiresome fight our heroes thought that this would be the end of the story, when all of a sudden, Luna looked up on the moon and made a strange waving move with her hand. Suddenly, beams of moonlight started dropping from the skies. The bandits got frightened and ran away shouting, "She has the power of the Moon Goddess Elune!" Ever since that, Luna has been able to direct one ray of light to a single target, or a group of rays at random nearby targets once in a while. After the traveling group was disbanded, these three mightiest warriors from the camp decided to join The Sentinel that was struggling in their fights against the evil Scourge. This is where this story drops off, and the legend of "the Defense of the Ancients" begins. "Yee, Dis bee di endin'." :P

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The Complete Orb Effect Priority Table

Read the following text for your own benefit!
The two golden rules:
1: Orb effects will never stack. 2: You may only place one buff per attack. And as an information sticker:

  • You will only get the effect that is listed in the box. If you get both, it says both. If there's some strange mechanics to it, it's listed in the legend.

  • Eye of Skadi will be a melee eye of skadi if the unit that picks it up is currently in melee form. It will be ranged if the unit that picks it up currently has a ranged attack. Switching forms may or may not affect the form of the Eye of Skadi, it depends on the ability that changes your range

  • Ursa Warrior is as of 6.44 a melee unit. Doombringer is a melee unit. As of 6.28, Banehallow remains as a melee unit in his ultimate form. Strength Morphling is no longer in the game.

Critical Strikes and Bashes

Both, critical strikes and bashes stack with diminishing returns, as according to the formula:

1 - ( 1 - A ) * ( 1 - B ) * ( 1 - C ) * ... * ( 1 - X ) = Chance to get at least one bash / critical strike

where A, B, C and so forth are the seperate chances for each item or skill that can bash / critical strike.
Note that all critical strikes and bashes in the game are rounded to the nearest 5% of chance before calculating them in this formula.
So a 36% chance to crit (such as Juggernaut currently has) is actually 35%. However, this does not mean that the percentage you get out of this formula will be rounded to the closest 5%.

Critical strikes

When calculating damage from critical strikes, if two occur at once, only the last critical strike skill or item you acquired will have effect.
Note that a skill counts as acquired when level 1 of it is learned.
An item counts as acquired every time its picked up.


When calculating bashes, the result depends on whether you're a melee hero or a ranged hero.
It is true for both however, that if you bash an already stunned unit, the greater of the remaining stun time and the bash time of your bash will be used. That means that a bash can never shorten the amount of time a unit is stunned.

Melee heroes' bashes stack fully, so if two or more bashes occur at once, the longest stun time from all the bashes will be used (bashes never shorten stun time) and all the different bash damages will be added .
The damage is reduced by spell resistance, and eliminated by magic immunity.
The damage is a separate source and therefore does not count to lifesteal and does not interact with critical s trikes in any way.
Additionally, melee units' bashes have a clear advantage:
The stun part of the bash is NOT eliminated by magic immunity and therefore you can even stun magic immune units, though they will get no additional damage from the bash.
As melee heroes can proc more bashes on one attack, the formula above only gives the chance of having at least one bash ( and for that a stun ) per attack. This also means that on melee heroes, the damage output from the bashers are not affected by diminishing returns.
Two bashers means you have 27.75% chance to land at least one bash on the opponent, but 25.5% chance to get one bash and 2.25% chance to get both bashes. Since the damage stacks, this gives as much average damage as 30% chance to bash once.

As for ranged heroes, it's the other way round. The bash damage is added directly to the normal attack damage and therefore it behaves just like any normal damage increase (it's reduced by armour value and armour type, it grants lifesteal, etc.). The stun part is blockable by magic immunity. However, a ranged hero can not land multiple bashes in one hit - a proc of a later acquired bash will always completely overwrite an earlier achieved one.

Bash and crit interactions

On melee heroes crits and bashes will have no interaction with each other (they are independent of each other). This means the critical multiplier will never multiply the bash damage.

On ranged heroes every crit achieved after a bash or another crit will completely negate the earlier achieved crits and bashes on its procing. In essence, this means that if you proc multiple crits and bashes on a ranged hero, the last acquired crit that triggered will count as the only critical, and if any of the bashes that procced were acquired after the critical was acquired (not procced), the last of those bashes would add damage (which isn't multiplied) as well as the stun.